Marine map of the golf of Fos

Marine map of the golf of Fos and maritime access

Are you thinking of visiting us and arriving by sea? Here you will find all the information you need concerning maritime access to our facilities.

Golf and Port of Fos

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Data from nautical charts are not regularly updated. They cannot be assimilated to a nautical chart and are therefore not intended to be used for maritime navigation. They do not replace the official documents of the hydrographic services.

Port Saint Louis du Rhône is located in the Golf de Fos, 20 miles west of Marseille.

Maritime access to our shipyard in Port Napoleon

Located in the south-western part of the commune of Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, you can access it by sea by going around the Pointe de la Gracieuse and the Carteau mussel beds to reach the clearly marked access to the Saint Antoine canal.

Maritime and river access to our shipyard in Port Navy Service:

Accessible from the sea via the Golf de Fos and the Saint Louis canal at the Tellines basin. From the Rhône, access is 2km after the lock.

Maritime access to Port St Louis du Rhône marina

By the Grand Rhône, last lock at Port St Louis du Rhône or by the Mediterranean via the Saint Louis canal.

Maritime access to Port de Bouc marina

At the mouth of the Caronte canal leading to the Etang de Berre.

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