The comfort of our boats is an important issue that has evolved a lot over recent years. Some equipment that was still considered a heresy by purists a few years ago is now widespread. The development of energy on board our boats has led to the development of certain equipment and the choice is vast. However, the thinking in this area must always be organised along two lines: reliability and ease of use.

The choice of equipment

The desire for comfort, the development of technology and progress in energy management have led to the use of new equipment: cold management, air conditioning, television, watermaker, heating, ....

Other equipment is at the crossroads of comfort and safety and is increasingly part of our daily lives: bow thrusters, electric winches, automatic pilots that perform well in heavy seas, etc

Our teams are available to advise you on the technical possibilities and the choice of equipment and brands based on your budget and sailing programme.


Every sailor knows that reliability is often the critical aspect of our boats and regularly spoils our holidays. In addition to the choice of technology, the quality of implementation is crucial and is often the cause of problems. This search for reliability must be present at all stages: study and design, electrical wiring, implementation in strict compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations... The specialisation of our technicians and the complementarity of their skills make all the difference.


Ease of use

In addition to the quality of the installation, ease of use is the second key element in ensuring your enjoyment. This ease of use depends on the hardware and the owner's ability and desire to handle advanced technology. Our advice will help you to see things more clearly and will bring real added value to your choices.